Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh, 1914

FIRST EDITION Limited to 300 copies. Fine condition in original cloth binding: Book of the Key of Solomon: An exact facsimile of an original book of magic in Hebrew […] by Hermann Gollancz, 1914. The book centers on a Hebrew manuscript of the Key of Solomon, ‘Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh,’ that dates from around 1700. It is a complete facsimile of the manuscript, along with an English-language Introduction discussing the text and partial translation of the text.

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Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh (Book of the Key of Solomon): An exact facsimile of an original book of magic in Hebrew with illustrations now produced for the first time by Hermann Gollancz, M.A., D. Lit. Goldsmid Professor of Hebrew, University College, London. Oxford University Press, London Edinburgh Glascow New York Toronto Melbourne Bombay Humphrey Milford, 1914.

Rare First edition of this famous text. Limited to 300 copies. This copy is in best condition i have ever seen; in Fine Condition with original binding and pages still uncut. This is very rare in itself given the book is over 100 years old.

The book centers on a Hebrew manuscript entitled ‘Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh,’ that dates from around 1700. The original manuscript was discovered in the library of a London Rabbi, Samuel Marcus Gollancz (1819-1900), by his son, Hermann, not long after his father’s death. Hermann Gollancz, himself an eminent Hebrew scholar, was fascinated by the manuscript, and felt that its study might give important insight into the history and origins of the “Solomonic” grimoires or books of magic, that are a mainstay of the Western occult tradition. In 1903 Gollancz published his preliminary thoughts and translations in a booklet entitled Clavicula Salomonis, A Hebrew Manuscript, and in 1914 he published this book, a facsimile of the manuscript, along with an English-language Introduction discussing the text and partial translation. This edition was limited to only 300 copies.

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Table of Contents:

Title page tp
Introductory remarks by the author 1 a
‘Prayers’ and Invocations (26 in number) 1 a-3 a
On the composition of the Divine Seal 3 b-5 b
The preparation of the one performing the act 5 b-6 a
A propitiatory ‘Prayer’ 6 a-6 b
The Second Book of the Key 7 a
The various ways to perform the acts and operations, at what hours, on what conditions, and by whom, also the ‘Prayer’ 7 a-9 a
The associates and disciples, the Conjuration in the case of a boy or girl 9 a-9 b
How many associates are required 10 a
Concerning the nine days of preparation 10 b-l1 a
Ablution and recital of certain ‘Prayers’ 11 a-1l b
Blessing the Salt 11 b-12 b
The place for performing the act and the ‘Prayer’ 12 b-13 b
[Concerning the Magical instruments and other requisites] The knife and swords (13 b); the sickle (14 a); entering the circles (14 a); fumigating (15 a); the water and hyssop (15 b); the lights and fire (16 a); the pen and ink (16 b); the blood of the bat (17 a); virgin and unborn parchment (17 b); the wax or mortar for making the candles or images (18 b); the needle and iron handle (19 a); on various other pareliments or paper (19 b); on the written characters (20 a); and the silk or linen garment (20 a). 13 b-20 a
The Armrl (Almrl); diagram with pentacles; diagram of candlestick with candle 20 b
The Seals of the twelve Constellations 21 a-23 a
The wondrous Circles; Conjurations of Barkiel. 23 b-25 b
Book of the images of the twelve hours of the day [which are the twelve degrees of the Armrl] 25 b-27 b
Concerning the images of the night (twelve hours) 27 b-28 b
Conjuration of the powers of the twelve signs of the Zodiac by means of the Almdl 29 a-35 a
The Book of Light 35 a
Containing the names given to the hours of day and night, the names and seals of the angels for the days of the week, the names of the angel for the four seasons of the year, the names of the Sun and Moon according to the four seasons, followed by Conjurations for the days of the week 36 a-36 b
Concerning the Spirits of the air that rule during the seven days 36 b-37 b
Fumigation for the afore-mentioned stars 37 b
Conjuring the fire in which the incense is put 37 b
On the garments and pentacles which must be sewn to the garments 38 a
Conjuration of the Spirits 38 a-39 b
‘Prayer’ on donning the garment 39 b-40 a
Names and seals of angels, stars, and planets from the Book of Angel of the Angel Rasiel 40 b-41 b
Book of the Seal of BILT (BILID) 42 a-43 a
Conjurations of BILT 43 b-46 a
Replies of divers spirits and their seals 46 a-48 a
Concerning the sanctity of the nine Kandariri(talismans), (revealed unto King Solomon) 48 a-49 a
Names of the angels that minister before BOAL (BOEL) 49 b
Angels of the twelve stations and of the six firmaments, and their workings 49 b-52 b
A general Conjuration 52 b
The seven Planets and the human body 52 b
Book of the (twenty-eight) stations of the Moon 53 a-54 b
Colours of the Planets 54 b
Book of ‘Practices’; The ‘Practice’ or ‘Operation’ of Simon Magus 55 a-55 b
A remarkable and true recipe for love by the philosopher Adriano 55 b
Another recipe, tested and true 56 a-56 b
Recipe for seeing a spirit in a mirror 56 b
To conjure or sanctify a ring on the Sabbath-day 57 a
To escape from prison in a special boat 57 b-58 b
Illustration of boat and other diagrams 59 a-59 b
Chapter on going through the air in a cloud 60 a-62 a
Planetary invocations, and the method described 62 a-64 b
The Seal of the terrestrial spirits 64 b
Composition of the whistling-instrument 64 b-65 a
On subduing and binding the spirits 65 a-65 b
Illustration of the Magic Circle 66 a
On keeping a spirit shut up in a ring (66 a); On seeing spirits and conversing with them (66 b); on how to become invisible (67 a); on prison and fetters (67 a); on opening all locks (67 b); on obtaining an answer from the spirits (67 b); on injuring an enemy (68 b); on bringing the good spirit to tell thee what thou wishest, except as regards women and evil-doing, which thou must not ask (69 a) 66 a-69 b
The ‘Operation’ BARAKON 70 a-70 b
To discover theft 70 b
Concluding ‘Prayer’ 71 a-72 b


Further ‘Operations’ and Conjurations 1 a-6 a
Specific for malady of the eyes 6 a
For one who has swallowed poison 6 b
To petition a lord or chief 6 b
Tradition from Rabbi Shalom 6 b
To coerce a king or ruler or whomsoever thou wishest to do thy will 6 b-7 a

Additional information


Original hardcover binding


Large quarto


xx + [158]pp.


English text. Facsimile Manuscript in Hebrew


Original tan cloth with gilt titling to spine and front covers. Guilting still bright and shinny. Pages new and uncut. Corners still sharp. Front endpapers unevenly browned from a previously inserted paper. Very minor staining to covers. Errata slip. First edition limited to 300 copies. See photos.


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