Sefer Kabbalah Me’ashirut

Book of practical kabbalah, transmitted individually from holy, prominent men… R. Yoel Baal Shem Tov, R. Naftali Katz Baal Shem Tov and R. Eli. Baal Shem Tov… from the prophets and the forefathers… which they received from the angels… in 1805

The volume (60 leaves. 17 cm.) comprises hundreds of sections with texts of amulets, hashbaot of angels, segulot and cures for various matters. This includes, most notably, the detailed instructions for creating a Golem, a creature formed out of a lifeless substance such as dust or earth brought into being by a human creator to become a helper, a companion, or a rescuer of an imperiled Jewish community. It concluding with the warning:

“One Should not do this unless there is a great necessity.”

Yaakov son of Gittel

Ornaments on verso of title page and final leaf (floral designs, lions). On p. 10a, a name was incorporated in one of the amulet texts, presumably the name of the writer: “…may you attire me in garments of salvation and with a robe of righteousness, for Yaakov son of Gittel…”.

On p. 30a, detailed instructions for creating a Golem, concluding with the warning: “One should not do this unless there is a great necessity”. On p. 41b, illustrated amulet for protection – a figure brandishing a sword, with various Holy Names. On p. 24b – instructions for splitting a river to be able to cross it, by engraving Holy Names on a stick. The writer notes: “One should not do this unless there is a great necessity”. The manuscript also includes: list of names of angels; angels’ seals; Angelic script (including the alphabet of the angels of destruction); explanations of Holy Names and hashbaot; many segulot and amulets for childless women, for pregnancy, for protection of the fetus, for an easy birth; for special situations: to knock a sword out of the hand of a thief, to find favor in the eyes of the king, to find a lost item, to understand the conversations of demons and their actions, to knock out an enemy, to understand the language of birds, to chase demons out the house, to know what others are feeling, to avoid being caught, to see in a dream what is taking place somewhere else; and much more. Various diagrams and amulet illustrations, including: amulet for one who can’t sleep (p. 13a), amulet for difficult labor (p. 15b), amulet against quartan fever by the Ramban (p. 17a), amulet against illness (p. 17b), amulet for success (p. 18b), amulet against epilepsy (p. 23a), amulet for a new mother (p. 24a), protection from various ills (p. 42a), amulet for a childless woman and against miscarriage (p. 44a), and more.

An annotated edition of this manuscript, with a facsimile, was published by Rabbi Chaim Fuchs, Bnei Brak, 2015. Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, EE.011.026

Facsimile Editions

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