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Grimoire Magic is a platform devoted to the study and appreciation of magic books (also known as Grimoires, Zauberbücher, Svartebøker, etc.) The platform provides a range of products and resources that are not traditionally offered in a single environment. It caters to students, academics, practitioners, collectors, and those who are new to the subject. The aim is to share admiration and drive awareness to these lost arts and advance the metaphysics of magic in the process. The secret of secrets; thou that worketh them, welcome!

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Esoteric Photos

Over the course of history, no books have been more feared than textbooks of magic (or grimoires). Since at least the Middle Ages, grimoires have been considered dangerous, indexed as forbidden and if found, destroyed or hidden. Those that survive today deserve more than academic recognition. My photography attempts to tell a different story; a story from an artists lens where the books truly become artifacts.

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Antiquarian Grimoires

The Books of Magick Collection consists of rare books and manuscripts on witchcraft, exorcism, Kabbalah, alchemy, and at its center, textbooks of magic (or grimoires). The collection has been carefully curated to represent the practice of magic from all corners of the world, ranging from Daoist Magical Registers to the sympathetic magic of Pennsylvania Deutsch.

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Manuscript Studies

In addition to my articles on instagram, I am working on a full-length book that presents an ancient Jinn summoning handbook in English. I will be releasing it next year followed by other titles, translations, and transcriptions. The Grimoire Archives contains my longer form content and manuscript facsimiles, a growing number from my own collection.

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Opening the Mandal

Being A Translation of an Ancient Jinn Summoning Handbook

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