Le Véritable Dragon Rouge

…où il est traité de l’art de commander les esprits infernaux, aeriens et terrestres, faire apparaître les morts, lire dans les astres, découvrir les trésors, sources, minières, &., &., &. Plus, La poule noire

Sur L’Edition de MDXXI (1521) – Edition par Victor Goupy ca. 1850

Le Véritable Dragon Rouge, or as it is more commonly known, Le Dragon Rouge (The Red Dragon) is one of the most notorious grimoires of black magic. The text of Le Véritable Dragon Rouge (The True Red Dragon) is however not the same text a variation of Le Dragon Rouge. Both texts, published around 1800, were merely re-marked versions of Le Grand Grimoire which was first published 50 years before, around 1750. Its anonymous author claims that the work is derived from the wisdom of the legendary King Solomon, and then sets down instructions for the creation of a number of magical implements: blasting rod (wand), talisman and magic circle, that are to be used to summon the demon “Lucifugé Rofocale,” who is then bound over to serve the sorcerer. In the process a great many sub-demons are named, and their attributes listed. This is followed by a series of magic spells or recipes which vary depending on the edition. They range from making oneself invisible, to winning the affections of another, to the cure of various common ailments. The hallmark of the Le Véritable Dragon Rouge is a section called Secret de La Poule Noire (Secret of the Black Pullet). Contrary to the what the title suggests, the content is different from that of the grimoire by the same name. The section is actually quite short and has nothing to do with the making talismanic rings, or the Black Pullet. Below is the is operation:

The mystery of the black hen for making a demon obedient

Take a black hen that has not yet laid any eggs. and has not been approached by any rooster. and procure it in such a way as to not make it crow. This is to be done at eleven in the evening. When it sleeps. seize it by the neck, and clench it so that it cannot make a noise. Afterwards carry it to a crossroads, and at precisely midnight make a circle with a wand of cypress; stand in the middle. and cut the body of the hen in half, pronouncing these words three times: “Sic vola, divido et impero.” Then tum. face East. kneel down. and recite the prayer with which you invoke the devil to appear. At that moment Lucifer. or one of his 4 ministers. will appear to you. dressed in scarlet attire with stripes. yel- low frock. green pants. his head resembling a dog. the ears of an ass. with two horns. and legs and feet like those of a heifer. He will ask you your commands. Tell him whatever seems best. for he will be unable to refuse you, and you he can consequently render you the happiest and richest of all persons. Before following any of the instructions above, you must be cer- tain you are in the grace of God, and that you have nothing reproach- ful on your conscience; because doing otherwise you could be forced to obey the spirit’s commands, rather than he obey yours.

Le Véritable Dragon Rouge was extremely popular in nineteenth century France and later in Italy, going through a number of clandestine printings, and is still said to be one of the most highly revered grimoires in certain Voodoo circles in Haiti.

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