Magia Ordinis J. Kornreuther

Magia Ordinis Artium & Scientiarum abstrusarum

Nobilis Ioannis Kornreutheri Ordinis Sancti Augusti Prioris, 1750


Nobilis Ioannis Kornreutheri Ordinis Sancti Augusti Prioris Magia Ordinis Artium & Scientiarum abstrusarum is preserved in the University Library Augsburg, one of the largest libraries in Bavaria. Like many grimoires, the text claims to be written earlier than it was. The tile page states 1515 however it is actually composed around 1750.

The Magia Ordinis is attributed to Johannes Kornreuther, an Augustinian Prior. It is part of a series of works that appeared in Germany at the beginning of the 18th century and have often been attributed to authoritative ecclesiastical figures, such as the Jesuit Josef Anton Herpentil or the famous Dr Johannes Faust.

The text takes both from both the Solomonic and Faustian Christian Cabala traditions. It includes the creation of the Wand, the Circle, their respective Conjurations, and their Seals of which the magician is instructed to heat over the flame when the spirit refuses to manifest itself.

The structure and content of the manuscript is similar to the three other grimoires of the time: Josef Anton Herpentil’s Liber Spirituum, John Dee’s Tuba Veneris, and Micheal Scot’s Compendium Magiae unnaturalis nigrae.

Below are the spirit names from the Magia Ordinis (left) and the spirits from three other similar manuscripts:

Kornreuther‘s Magia OrdinisJohn Dee’s Tuba VenerisScot’s Compendium MagiaeHerpentilis‘s Liber Spirituum
Mezaphzar BelzazelPhifaseroth
Astaroth FalkarothBaltuzaratzAmazeroth
Azabhsar AmabosarAlmuchabzarReymonzorackon
Amisalog AlkyzubAghizikkeAmilekar

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