Les Vrais Clavicules de Roi Salomon par Armadel

avec Le livre d’or touchant les verlus & les Caracteres des pseaumes du Prophête David

Pseudo-Solomon, mid/late 18th century French Manuscript

This manuscript from the University Library, Lund University, Sweden belonged to Henrik Gustaf Ulfvenklou (1756-1819), captain of the army fleet. It is not the same as the Lansdowne Ms 1202 but appears to the same content and calligrapher. An interesting note is that both have an additional grimoire appended on the end called Le livre d’or touchant les verlus & les Caracteres des pseaumes du Prophête David. This is more commonly known as 150 Pseaumes de Davis, a standalone grimoire that utilizes the Book of Psalms of the Old Testament as conjurations, each associated with a spirit (or intelligence) and its character. Although unfamiliar today, it was highly circulated in manuscript form in the 18th century.

Table of Contents from, Lansdowne Ms 1202 – The True Clavicles of King Solomon By Armadel:

The True Clavicles of King Solomon – Book First.
Ch 1 Of Divine Love which must operate & precede Science.
Ch 2 Of Days, Hours, & Virtues of the Planets.
Tables of hours of day and night corresponding to the planets.
Ch 3 Des Arts.
[Figure of circle with names of God – Magic circle – Conjurations, Confessions and Orations.]
Ch 4 Des Prieres & Conjurations.
Ch 5 Stronger & more powerful conjurations.
[pen drawing of mermaid.]
Ch 6 How to make Pentacles.
Ch 7 From The Thieving Experience & How to proceed.

Clavicles of King Solomon – Book Second.
Ch 1 A certain hour after the preparation of things one must give perfection to the exercise.
Ch 2 How the Master should be governed.
Ch 3 How companions should behave.
Ch 4 Du Jeune, Guard & Observation.
Ch 5 Baines & how they are made.
Ch 6 Places in which one can conveniently do Arts & Operations.
Ch 7 Of the Knife, Sword, Sickle of Art, Dagger or Stillet, Lances and Petices Lances, Baton & Baguette, Erguille & Burin.
Ch 8 Of Incenses, Suffumigations, Perfumes & Odors of things which must operate & practice in the Magical Arts.
Ch 9 Of Water & Hyssop.
Ch 10 Of Light & Fire.
Ch 11 Des Habittemens, shoemaker & Shoes.
Ch 12 Of Pen, Ink & Colors.
Ch 13 De la Plume, Irondelle & de Corbeau.
Ch 14 Of the Blood of La Chauve-Souvis.
Ch 15 How is the operation done & the Work of blank paper & parchment.
Ch 16 Wax &
Ch 17 De l’Aiguille & other Iron Instruments.
Ch 18 Du Drapo de Soye.
Ch 19 Of The Characters.
Ch 20 Sacrifices & How to Sacrifice the Spirits.

Clavicles Of King Solomon – Third Book Concerning Spirits & Their Powers.

Clavicles of King Solomon – Book Fourth.
Spirits who rule under the Orders of the Sovereign Creator.
Then follow the Different Medals or Sacred Pentacles. [82 Pentacles.]
Pentacles to make the Spirits favorable. [6 Pentacles.]
Pentacles to conjure the Hellish Spirits. [12 Pentacles.]
[Pentacle diagram.]
[Pentacles of the Planets]
The Talismans. Characters of the Twelve Rings in which we enclose an Spirit for whatever we want. [12 rings.]

The Guest Book. Touching the Virtues and the characters of the Pseums of the Prophet David.
[Psalm 1-150.]

The Symbol of S. Athanasius.
[1-50 short sentences.]

I have divided the below manuscript into 2 PDFs because of its file size.

Facsimile Editions

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