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Grimoire Magic is a spiritual lifestyle brand rooted in the study and appreciation of the ancient art of magic. The platform offers a range of products and resources that are not traditionally offered in a single environment. It caters to students, academics, practitioners, collectors, and those who are entirely new to the subject. Our aim is to provide value for those who embrace a spiritual lifestyle and stimulate wider research in the field of esotericism.

– Thomas Arcaine

The Grimoire Archives

A growing collection of manuscripts and original editions

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Manuscript Studies

 The Grimoire Archives is a collection of the most famous and important textbooks of magic. Each entry includes high resolution facsimiles and explanations of the text with updates made regularly to include newly discovered manuscripts. The manuscripts derive from various institutions around the world as well as our private collection. The content is for personal research, so please do not distribute unless specified by a public domain mark indicating the work is free of known copyright restrictions.

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Books in Translation

Original online editions are available to the public at no charge. Each incorporates controls to access supplementary material and footnotes easily across any device. A modern English translation and restoration of Traite Universal des Clavicules de Salomon is planned for release this year for those interested in sampling a classic work of Western Solomonic magic. It is a short work but representative of the genre in that it describes how to compel spirits through the use of consecrated ritual apparatus and the construction of pentacles.

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Antiquarian Books

The “Books of Magick” Collection consists of rare books and manuscripts on witchcraft, exorcism, cabbala, alchemy and most importantly, textbooks of magic (or grimoires). The collection has been attentively curated to characterize magic as a multicultural phenomenon, ranging from European Solomonic grimoires to Taoist Magical Registers. Photos from the collection are published daily on instagram @grimoiremagic. Occasionally, pieces are sold to fund book restorations, new acquisitions, etc.

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Transcending the boundaries of traditional occult-themed clothing, Grimoire Magic creates intelligent apparel for the spiritual lifestyle. Our designs are rooted in the power of the image leveraging the artistry found in textbooks of magic, also known as Grimoires (grim-WAHRs). Each article utilizes talismanic figures and characters that were originally meant to be worn, carried, or sewn into an outfit. In this sense, each article can be thought of as an instrument of magic. Our limited release includes shirts and hats for men and women.

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Grimoire Magic Apparel

Clothing for the questioner. The alchemists attire. The outfitters for the artists of change.

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