Calendarium Naturale Magicum Perpetuum

Profundissimam Rerum Secretissimarum Contemplationem Totiusque Philosophiae Cognitionem Complectens

by Johann Baptist Großchedel, Frankfurt, ca. 1620

The Magical Calendar is a unique, late renaissance grimoire printed in three sheets, measuring more than four feet long and about two feet wide. It was first printed in Frankfurt ca. 1620 and attributed to the author, Johann Baptist Grossschedel von Aicha. The engraving was executed by the brilliant Johannes Theodorus de Bry who illustrated other important occult works such as those of Robert Fludd. Carlos Gilly has identified the manuscript from which the Magical Calendar was printed as British Library manuscript Harley 3420, DISPOSITIO Numerorum Magica Ab Unitate Usque ad DVODENARIVM Collecta Singulari Industria, compilatione Diversa, magno labore, et investigatione sibi suisque A Joanne Baptista Grosschedelio Equite Romano: ab Aicha: Philomago, Lucisque & Gratiæ, & Naturæ indagatori Vigilantissimo, Anno 1614.

The work predated, and influenced, the Rosicrucian furor. It was also a source work for the Key of Solomon. The Theurgia Goetia, Ars Paulina, Les Clavicules De Rabi Salomon Traduites Exactement du Texte hebreu en françois Par Mre Pierre Morissonneau,  and Janua Magicae Reserata depend heavily on the Magical Calendar.

Below are facsimile of 2 manuscripts and the first printing (1620) but Joseph H. Peterson has nicely translated excerpts from the original 1614 copy here.

Facsimile Editions

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