Le Dragon Rouge

…ou l’Art de commander les esprits célestes, aériens, terrestres, infernaux, avec le vrai secret de faire parler les morts, de gagner toutes les fois qu’on met aux lotteries, de découvrir les trésors cachés, ..

by Antonio Venitiana del Rabina, 1512 (ca. 1800)

The Red Dragon (Le Dragon Rouge) is a re-branding of an earlier book of magic called The Grand Grimoire first published in ca. 1750. The Red Dragon was published approximately 50 years later at the turn of the 18th century. Around the same time, or closely thereafter (ca. 1800), another variation of the same text with slightly different content was published under the name, The True Red Dragon (Le Veritable Dragon Rouge) Like the The Grand Grimoire, the introductory chapter was authored by someone named Antonio Venitiana del Rabina who supposedly gathered this information from original writings of King Solomon. Much of material in this grimoire derives from the Clavicules du Roi Salomon, Par Armadel. Livre Troisieme. It contains instructions purported to summon the demon in charge of Hell’s government by order of Lucifer named, Lucifuge Rofocale, for the purpose of forming a diabolic pact with Lucifer. Like many Solomonic tracts, it also contains a section on rare secrets with spells for various purposes such as winning the lottery, speaking to the dead, to be loved by a girl, to make oneself invisible, etc.

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