Summa sacrae magicae

Summa Sacre Magice

by Berengario Ganell, 1346 4° Ms. astron. 3 Summa Sacre Magice was compiled and redacted…

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Thesaurus spirituum

by Pseudo Roger Bacon, Late 16th Century English & Latin Manuscript Wellcome MS110 Thesaurus spirituum…

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Monas Hieroglyphica

by John Dee, Antuerpiæ, G. Silvius typog. regius, excud., 1564 The Monas Hieroglyphica (‘Hieroglyphic Monad’) is an esoteric symbol invented…

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grimoire library manuscripts

Clavicula Salomonis

Italian, Dutch, & Latin Manuscript from The Jewish National Library: Israel, 17th century Israel Ms.…

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Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm ( غاية الحكيم ) by al-Qurtubi, Kraków (ca. 1460) BJ MS 793 Picatrix is…

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