Thesaurus spirituum

by Pseudo Roger Bacon, Late 16th Century English & Latin Manuscript

Wellcome MS110

Thesaurus spirituum (Incomplete). Preceded by an incomplete ‘Ars notoria’ in English, and followed by extracts from works on magical experiments, ceremonial magic, etc.: in Latin and English. Illustrated by numerous very rough pen-drawings of magical figures, and diagrams, sigils, etc. Contents: 1. [Pseudo-SOLOMON]. Ars notoria. Incomplete at beginning and end. (ll. 1-35). 2. [Pseudo-SOLOMON.] Vincula. (ll. 36-38.). 3. Pseudo-BACON (R.). Thesaurus spirituum. (ll. 39v-98.) The beginning is wanting: the colophon on 1.98 reads: ‘Explicit theasurus spirituum utilis et fidelssime editus per magistrum Bakon et quendam Turcum eius socium predilectum’. 4. Miscellaneous conjurations, etc.: in Latin. (ll. 98v-101v.). 5. Flores extracti de libello qui nuncupatur ‘Offitium spirituum’, with other conjurations, etc.: mainly in Latin, a few in English. (ll. 101v-111).

Facsimile Editions


Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon, also known by the scholastic accolade Doctor Mirabilis, was a medieval English philosopher and Franciscan friar who placed considerable emphasis on the study of nature through empiricism. Bacon has also been credited with a number of alchemical texts in addition to spurious authorship of grimoires.

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