Zekerboni par Pierre Mora

,philosophe cabaliste, avec grand nombre de figures mistérieuses, caractères, talismans, pentacules des plus fameux négromantiens, augmentés des plus rares secrets. A la ville de Bellegrade. M. LVII 

by Pierre Mora, 18th century French Manuscript of Zekerboni

Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal. Ms-2790

This interesting manuscript contains both the Rabbi Solomon and Abognazar Key of Solomon text-types as well as The Seven Tables of the Planets from Johann Baptista Großchedel’s The Magical Calendar (Calendarium Naturale Magicum Perpetuum). The title, Zekerboni par Pierre Mora, borrows its title from the notorious Italian variation of the Key of Solomon titled Zecorbeni under the authorship of Pierre Morissonneau which has apparently been abbreviated to Pierre Mora. Morissonneau is named as the translators of French Key of Solomon text-type, Les Clavicules de Rabbi Salomon […] Par Mre Pierre Morissonneau. The incipit and location of authorship both correspond with this text-type. It was previously owned by Paulmy (Antoine-René d’Argenson, marquis de) cataloged amongst other Paulmy grimoires at the by the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal under the name Recueil sur les sciences occultes.

Format:  Paper. – 333 pages, plus AD pages, minus pages 150-159. – 18th century writing. Figures. – 190 × 124 mm. – Binding in brown calfskin, with gold threads

Facsimile Edition in Three Books

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