Clavicula Salomonis de secretis In nomine Adonay, Tetragrammaton

The Secrets of Solomon and the art Rabidmadar

Various Manuscripts of Method Rabidmadar, 1650-1700. 

 Rps 3352 II | Dresd.N.91

Clavicula Salomonis de secretis is an early prototype and ancestor to the Grimorium Verum. Like many other grimoires, its title includes Clavicula Salomonis but its content is largely independent of this treatise.

According to Joseph Peterson’s introduction to his 2018 translation of the text, Leonardo Longo and Francesco Viola were tried for witchcraft by the Venice Inquisition in 1636. Their grimoire by this name was confiscated and preserved in the Archivio di Stato di Venezia. It contains their secrets to commanding the most dangerous spirits that are intentionally hidden and scattered throughout the manuscript.

The text is clearly written to address both men and women which is uncommon for magic textbooks of the time. This effectually bridges the gap between medieval magic and wicca.

The text deals first with the ‘Chthonic Spirits’ which are said to be very dangerous, and can inflict great harm or death. The second class of spirits are the ‘Amalthea Spirits’ of which there are thirteen orders associated with the nine “movable spheres” (the 7 planets + Primum Mobile and the Starry Heavens). Third are the ‘Planetary Intelligences’ and the spirits under them. These are identical to those found in the Heptameron.

Although many manuscripts containing parts of Clavicula Salomonis de secretis, I added only complete manuscripts of the text below, both in Latin from the mid 17th century.

(Reference: Secretes of Solomon edited & Translated by Joseph H. Peterson, 2018)

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