Tractatus et experimenta magica

Collection of tracts on magic including Liber consecrationum, Kitāb al-Isṭamāṭīs, & Liber iuratus Honorii in English, Latin, Italian, and French, 14th, 15th & 16th C

Sloane 3854

Tractatus et experimenta magica is a 139-folio composite volume known for its conjurations and the Liber consecrationum from sixteenth-century England, a fifteenth-century Latin version of the Kitāb al-Isṭamāṭīs from Italy, and the earliest, fourteenth-century and sole complete version of the Liber iuratus Honorii.

Cataloged as follows:

Magic: Tractatus et experimenta magica: 14th- 17th centt.: Engl., Lat., Ital. and Fr.

Owners of Manuscripts: Sommers (John), Lord Chancellor.

Owners of Manuscripts: Jekyll (Sir Joseph), Master of the Rolls: 1739/40.

Sir Joseph Jekyll, Master of the Rolls: MSS. were bought at his sale in: 1739/40.


  • f. 104 Fiction: Historiunculæ facetæ: 15th cent.: Imperf.
  • ff. 112-139 Salomon, King of Israel: Opus de arte magica, ab Honorio ordinatum: 14th cent.
  • ff. 112-139 Honorius fil. Euclidis, Magister Thebarum: Opera Salomonis seu Liber Juratus: 14th-16th cent.

* By permission of the British Library

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