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Clavicula Salomonis

Italian, Dutch, & Latin Manuscript from The Jewish National Library: Israel, 17th century

Israel Ms. Var. 223

A highly unusual version of Clavicula Salomonis. Dated around the 17th century, the manuscript is penned in Italian, Dutch, and Latin. Its composed of three books in 201 pages. Here we find elements from both the Clavicula Solomonis (44 Pentacles) as well as elements from the Heptameron. The blending of these two texts is consistent with both the Rabi Solomon and Rabbi Abognazer Text Groups. What I find extraordinary about this manuscript are the circles, pentacles, and illustrations for the 7 Great Kings of the the 7 Days of the Week: Arcan (Monday), Varcan (Sunday), Samax (Tuesday), Modiat (Wednesday), Guth (Thursday), Maymon (Saturday), Sarabotes (Friday). The circles are paired with unique pentacles with descriptions written Dutch and a variations of each circle including the seals of intelligences in the center. The Figure drawings of spirits are quite common in Faustian grimoires but not for an Italian language text. Although the execution is unsophisticated, the style is aesthetically pleasing, drawn in orange and black with solid color backgrounds.

I have divided the manuscript into 3 PDFs, one for each book to reduce file size and minimize the load time.

Facsimile Edition in Three Books

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