Huld: Nr. 383. 4to

Galdrastafir Manuscript

by Geir Vigfusson of Akureyri, 19th Century Icelandic Manuscript

1B 383 4to / Hdrs. I. Bmf. Nr. 383. 4to

This manuscript was compiled by Geir Vigfusson of Akureyri on the island Reykjavik and died in 1880. The meterial contained in these spells is, however, much older, as you see when compared with the content of the Galdrabók. In the manuscript, each Galdrastafir is named, and the instrctions for making it are given occasionally along with its effects. (credit: Stephen Flowers)

There are very few Galdrabóks (Magic Books) left today, especially in complete form. Many were burned as heretic books and others were hidden away by their owners to later be forgotten and decay into nothing in some nameless hiding-spot. Those that have survived however, can now be found stored away in several Scandinavian archives, while others are tucked away in private collections.

Back in the day, there were a lot of rumours of black art books like this one in existence. Books said to contain powerful magic in the form of depicted Galdrastafir, Spells, Troll-runes and more. One of the most famous historical manuscripts of this kind is the mythical “Raudskinna” (Red Skin). This fabled manuscript was said to have been written by the Icelandic bishop Gottsálkur Nikolásson (1498-1520’s), who was considered a very cruel man, and also one of the most powerful Troldmænd of his time. “Raudskinna” was lost to the ages unfortunately, as the story says the Bishop took it with him to his grave.

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