The Worke of Salomon the Wise

Called his Clauicle Reuealed by King Ptolomeus ye Greacian.

One of the earliest manuscripts of the Key of Solomon, April 8, 1572

Sloane Ms. 3847

The following is a complete transcription of the English Key of Solomon from Add. 36674, with alternate readings from Sl. 3645. The Add. manuscript dates to mid- to late-16th century. Add. 36674 also appears to be in the same hand as that found in the beginning of Sloane 3854. Sl. 3645 is dated 17th century [1], and seems to be based solely on the earlier manuscript. The drawings included here are based on those in the Sloane manuscript, as they are more legible, and were copied very closely from the older manuscript.

The British Library Catalog Entry for Sloane 3847 reads as follows:

Passim. Magic. Tractatus et experimenta magica

ff. 1-66. Clavicula Salomonis; copied 1572. Engl.

ff. 66v-?? (Opus mirabile de quatuor Annulis Solomonis – fol., 65. 6???

f. 82. Medicine. Charms and Receipts . Orationes et receptæ medicæ. [Incipit: An excellent medicine for the stone. Take pellitory of the wall and dry …]

f. 83. Gower (John) . Poet Of stones and herbs appropriate to the 15 stars in his “Confessio Amantis” 17th cent. (What Stones and Herbs are appropriated unto 15 stars according to Jo, Gower – fo. 84) [Incipit: What stones and hearbes are appropriated unto the 15 starres accordinge to John Gower… Prima Stella Vocatur Aldeboran cuius Lapis carbunculus ….]

ff. 84-100. Hermes. Trismegistus. Liber Magicus 17th cent. (Liber Hermetis tractans de 15 stellis 15 lapidibus 15 herb??? et 15 harum rerum figuris – fol. 85) [Incipit: Incipit Liber Hermetis tractans de 15 Stellis, et de 15 Lapidibus, et ….] (Dictum Thebit – fol 100b [*99v]) [Incipit: Dictum Thebit. / Nota quod omnes supradicti Lapides habent ligari….] (Liber Imaginum Zebel alias Zoel – fo. 102) [Incipit: Incipit Liber Imaginum Sebel, alias Zoel. / Ego Zebel per longum tempus investigaui invenire, sed nunquam potui praestantiora experimenta quam istas… 1. Si vis aliquem prouocare ad rixas vel discordes, prima facie Arietis, ascendente…] [107v: Sat. nomina Angelorum Saturni sunt haec, Sathir, Onach, an teid, prothotans, gaym…. (compare Royal 17Axlii 79r)] (Machubales Decem principalia nomina divina – fo. 115.) (Divers spells – fo. 125)

ff. 151,160. Garlandia (Joannes de) . Interpretatio equivocorum vocabulorum 15th cent. Imperf.

ff. 161-188b. Salomon, Sepher Raziel: a magical treatise. (Liber Razaelis – fo. 166.)

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