Das VI. und VII. Buch Mosis

Mosis magische Geisterkunst oder Charaktere der Ägypter aus dem Alt – Hebraischen ubersesetezt

Pseudo-Moses, Late 18th / early 19th C German manuscript

German manuscript on paper with Latin and Hebrew citations. With watercoloured title vignette to book VI, hand drawn seal “Rabbi Chaleb” on title page of book VII and many calligraphic schemes in the text. Altogether 23 figures. 13 (recte 14), (4) pp., pp. 14–26. Small folio. Contemp. boards with ties. – N. pl. (Germany), n. d. (Late 18th / early 19th century).

Complete manuscript of the 6th and 7th book of Moses, written by German hand. The two books, a miscellany of black magic, were censored by the church through all centuries. The introduction to book VI refers on Sadock, the high preast of Salomo, while book VII is pretended to base on Rabbi Chaleb’s translation from the Weimar Bible. The 6th book consists of 7 „seals“ with incantations, book VII collects 12 schemes referring to the elements air, fire, water, earth and to the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, and Mercure. The present manuscript is identic with the first printed version, published in 1849 word by word and with the same schemes and figures after the manuscript used by the Stuttgart Antiquarian Bookdealer Scheible (Philadelphia 1849). Four unnumbered pages are inserted between the two books. They contain a personal account of a lottery session in Bavaria and mention the King of Bavaria which himself is addicted to the French lottery. The paper shows the watermark „D & C Blauw“, which refers to the Dutch paper mill of Dirk and Cornelis Blauw, active in the second half of the 18th century. The present manuscript is a very interesting example of the manuscript tradition that existed well before the first official printed edition by Johann Scheible in 1849.

Examination of Lottery text (Manuscript vs. First edition):


Scheible Edition

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